With strong technical background in various industries, as well as solid partners’ support, these are the areas which ITE focuses on:

IT Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Consultancy & Integration, Project Management, & Deployment Services

IT-ESSENTIALS is a trusted and professional enterprise and infrastructure solutions & integration company. With years of experience, our services are focused on project management, hardware & software consultancy, and deployment services in almost every industry verticals. We too provide extensive support and consultancy for IT infrastructure in all vertical industries.

We have highly experienced and dedicated professionals and customer service and support team working round the clock to serve our client base with all kind of technical (software and hardware) support, through our premium customer services.

At IT Essentials, we collaborate with most strategic partners in hardware infrastructures to provide you the convenience access to the latest technologies.

At the same time we provide our clients with preventive maintenance and proactive support in various different types of hardware and software services.

IT Security Protection & Solutions

IT-ESSENTIALS also deals in various kinds of system software and hardware security protection & solutions. We have dedicated and highly experienced in-house professionally trained and skilled resources to help you to select the right IT solutions for your organization.

We at IT Essentials help organizations to minimize risk in access and transfer data in and out of organization to prevent any attack or leak of information. While doing this, we help organizations kept secured from any external and internal threats but still accessible by authorized personnel.

Our IT security solutions enable you to:

  • Maintain your organization security level to provide better business continuity
  • Maintain your organization business as a highly trusted business partners
  • Maintain and focus on business objective and growth, helping you drive business agility
  • Maintain business security compliancy
  • Maintain and grow customer loyalty

IT Data Center & Cloud Platform Solutions

Having a reliable, fast, safe and secure cloud computing system is a necessity in today’s world. With so many people already switching up to cloud computing one needs a service that is trustable and works to match their expectations, and that is the goal with which we operate.

We have been in the business for many years now and have plenty of experience offering safe and secure cloud computing solutions to clients in Malaysia. Our customers trust us with their precious data and as such, their privacy and security our priority. We make sure that their data is accessible at a moment’s notice and business operations are maintained up and running. We’re a team of highly trained, thoughtful and committed individuals who aim at making the customer completely satisfied, safe and secured with our cloud computing solutions. No matter what you require,, we have a solution to make sure your businesses are kept running

At IT Essentials, we provide the most suitable

  • Cloud Online Storage
  • Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Virtual Server Hosting
  • Disaster Recovery Services

IT Information Lifecycle Solutions

IT-ESSENTIALS also provides constructive and productive information lifecycle management solutions.

In today’s competitive world of IT solutions with a smart and innovative approach for current IT standards, we use state of the art technology and patterns for all kind of information management solutions. We provide unique and premium IT services for our clients’ information and data related queries. We take pride in serving quality project deliverables with sound feedback of customer’s satisfaction with the services.

We help organization to Classify, Manage and Move information to the most cost-effective repository base on value of each bit of data and information at the exact point of time. This is because not all data or information is equal neither is your repository. Furthermore, data changes over time and the value of the data is not the same periodically. Data repositories should be dynamically matched with information value for security, protection and cost.

Our solution will enable organization to comply to data archiving and maintain its business value by intelligently manage and move them to the appropriate most cost-effective repository available.

Whichever way your organization move your data, be it Online, Inline, Nearline, Archive or Cloud Storage we at IT Essential will and able to provide the right ILM solution to you.